Me Stuff

Okay, I had to rewrite this me page, so I'm hoping not to go too far. I have Saoirse to complete after all, and it's driving me bananas. Anyway, here I am in the beginning of this new year, 2017 with many goals are on my mind. First of which is to finish that book. Goals are not so easy to reach at this age of menopause. UGH! Yes, that's where I am - 54, little patience, and my thinking is all over the place. One thing that is keeping me under control is the direction of my heavenly Father... Jehovah. He keeps saving me, and my life over and over again. Since I owe Him for the very AIR that I breathe - he is more on my mind now than at any time ever in my life. I just want to take the time I have now and use it to free me up to spend more time surrounding my life and activities dedicated to HIM. For me, there is nothing more important than that. 

As I am working full-time, it's hard to squeeze in my writing. Let me just say this, and make this very clear - writing for me now is not at all easy. I find myself wanting to veer off into something else, I mean serious distractions. I've got an attitude that is tripping me up. Most women my age know what I mean... it's the, "Don't care" kind of thing. Seriously, it's a struggle to care! Hahahaha, that is terrible, I know it is. But, I don't care. I pray to Jehovah... Father... fix that in me please. I wanna care. I use to care. But I seem to have lost it some where. I know I'll find it, because it's not my nature - to, "Not Care," but oh my goodness when that feeling hits... it's awful. In truth, it happens around "THAT" time of the month - lmbo - I'm becoming my grandmother! EEEEEK! She was a humdinger, oh my Mrs. Mary Hunter was something else, and I fear I'm becoming more and more like her. *Shrug*

What do I like to do? 

First most favorite thing I LOVE to do, is talk about Jehovah. I'm with his son on that one. Jesus did all he possibly could to bring attention, glory and santification to his Father, and his NAME. I love talking about him for the same reasons His son did... aside for the ruin of it by MEN - look at the wonderful world HE gave us to live in. Way back when one of His wicked sons turned on Him coveting His position as GOD... he wrecked the peace of our lives that should have been, thanks to Adam and Eve following in his lead. Jehovah did not throw in the towel, along with His faithful sons, and especially His ONLY BEGOTTEN Son, who is also the Chief Angel, the Arch-Angel Michael - together things have been put into order to get back for US, what was lost. I love talking about that wonderous plan.  So that would include going out in field service, yes... door to door, just as Jesus did and taught all those who would follow him to do, just as he taught his disciples to do, house to house, city to city. Preaching the good news, while it is STILL good news. Matthew 24:14... and then... well, that message will change, but for now... it's all good!

Second thing? Being around family and friends. Exploring the world that was created for us, and all the wondrous foods to be found prepared by so many incredible cultures. Associating with those who love a "DRAMA FREE" life who wish only to encourage, upbuild, laugh and love. Be together with those who love to travel, and be creative. That would be me, whether that is with 3D graphic artwork or in the real world. I like being creative for the sake of other's needs in publishing and my own. 

Third - writing! Problem is, I don't get to write the way I used to for so many reasons. Oh man there was once upon a time I could roll the pages out non-stop. Barely keeping up with the story that was rolling about in my head. Now, I've slowed down - but the stories are all still there, some will never be told, but what I can get out, will depend on the relevance of the message I wish to deliver. 

Fourth - Second Life... 

Adventures, music, wonderful atmosphere, to see the imagination of so persons who have built the most amazing worlds to venture to. When I need to chill, smile and see something from my own little office chair, I login to SL - shop a bit. Shopping is wonderful there, I have quite the extensive wardrobe, LOL - unlike me in Real Life. 

Here's the marketplace - 

Everything you need to live a Second life. Hair, custom skin tones, the type of clothing you like. Homes, cars, gadgets, clubs, writing groups, art worlds, museums, amusement parks, and so many fantasy places and paradise locations it is amazing. Horses, animals, cats, dogs - places to swim, go boating, sky diving. Or just FLY where you wish to go. What an experience, especially for older people, or the infirm who are limited... life is not quite over. Second Life - is a life game that you make of it, what YOU wish. Me, I just want to chill, decorate and be creative in a world of others who enjoy the same.