Novel Ideas

This is a little page about my novel ideas. From my first thoughts to what I wanted to write waaay back when, to what I will write if there is time for me to complete those novel ideas.

*Midnight Blue * 

That was to be my very first novel. But my brain kept seeing the story of Gold Raven. Back and forth I went between the two, until finally Gold Raven won and my focus settled on her story once and for all. However, the deeper I went into her story, the more I fell in love with Lena, her mother, Princess Ces'alena who was supposed to die. Gold raven was supposed to be the one and only book and then I would return to Midnight Blue. As you all know, that never happened. Gold Raven's story ended up in a complete rewrite because I could not live with Lena's death, and thus... Gold Raven becamse book two, and Princess Ces'alena became book one. Well, and the story just kept growing and growing until I ended up with the Webster Fields triloy - last book, Family Union. Ugh... yes!

So now... whatever happened to Midnight Blue? Well, it's still hovering, waiting. I ended up writing stories that were instantly born and took off like a match dropped in a dry parched forest, and the fire was fierce for, Aphrodisiac, The Beauty of Man and Woman, The Fancy, Flight of Fancy, and now... Saoirse.

So... what's going on? My plan now is to do the following ...

  • Completing WIP - Saoirse
  • Fancy Free - up next
  • Bomaw Volume 14 - next in line
  • Bomaw Volume 15 - after 14
  • Rough Diamon
  • Midnight Blue

Sooo, yeah - that's what's going on with my novel ideas. I had a much longer list, but after life events sent me on a crazy twist of events, I had to adjust my reality. Can't do every story that's come to mind. For now, that is my focus - that list. 

We shall see how I do!

 Ciao for now!